Jeremy Dalton

Hello, I'm Jeremy. I grew up in north central Ohio and moved to Columbus in 2003 to become a barber. I've been here at Longview Barber Shop since 2004. That's also the year I married my wife Cortney. Now we have two children – our son Jackson and our daughter Corynn.

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Mitch Geiser

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Robert Cayson

Hey there, I'm Rob. I was born and raised in Warren, Ohio, but I've been in Columbus since 2013. I attended the Ohio State Barber College. Here at Longview Barber Shop, I've met so many great people who have taught me a lot of new things about cutting hair.

My beautiful wife Stephanie and my children Robert, Dominic and Mikayla mean the world to me. Book an appointment at:

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Nick (Jeremy Nicklaus)

Hello, I'm Nick. I'm from Clintonville and I've worked here at Longview Barber Shop since 2006. In 1993, I was a customer here, but my barber told me that cutting hair would be a perfect job for me since I like to talk so much—so I went to barber school. In my spare time, I'm a superhero.

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Dave Carty

Hi, I'm Dave. I went to high school in Plymouth, Ohio and then went to barber college in Shelby, Ohio. I worked in a small barber shop in Willard, Ohio before I moved to Columbus in 1998, making me the only barber on our staff that worked at Longview Barber Shop back in the 1900's.

I'm married to my wonderful wife Sarah and we welcomed our son Spencer in 2013.

Meredith Gard

Hi, I'm Meredith. I'm from Grove City, Ohio. I got my cosmetology license from Paul Hayes Technical School in 2003. After I completed barber school in 2010, I started working here at Longview Barber Shop.